Zoe Messinger

Zoe Messinger is a comedian, writer and cook based in Los Angeles. She has a dry, witty sense of humor with an old soul sensibility. Think an old bordeaux vintage you’d like to try. Zoe published a cookbook and comical memoir, ‘Foodie Two Shoes: 46 Taste Trips from a Traveling Teenager’, ran a traveling food truck in Milan and has cooked in various restaurants in NY and LA.

She has performed standup at venues, such as the Comedy Store, Hollywood Improv, Caroline’s on Broadway, Standup NY and the Paname in Paris. And, yes, she performed her entire set in French, while wearing a beret and eating escargot.

Zoe is an east coast native and Cornell graduate. Her birthday is 4/20. She thought you should know. Also, writing in the 3rd person makes her feel like she’s writing an epitaph.